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Come join us on Friday, 3/10 for an evening of anarchist speed talks!

Anyone can and is encouraged to give a talk regardless of experience - we will have dedicated time for last-minute sign-ups. No pressure though, you can just come listen.

Talks should be 5-20 minutes and on the broad themes of anarchism, punk, anti-statism, and liberationism. Sign up here:

We'll also have tables set up for zines, flyers, art, stickers, or whatever else you’d like to share.

After the talks, we'll hang out for a bit. 



As queer people, becoming aware of our sexuality is often an experience of becoming aware of shame. shame and abjection continue to color our erotic lives despite finding no place in the relentlessly positive, fully recuperated, rainbow capitalist queer lifestyle. What value does shame have for queer individuals and communities? should we try to move beyond it, or embrace it? could we even use it as a tool, fueling our rage and activism? 

Join our discussion on the value of shame, the dangers of pity, and bonding through abjection ~ 


"The Tenderness of the Post-Shame Queer Era" - Queertopia

"How Might We Create A Collectivity That We Might Want To Belong To" by Barry D. Adam (link in event discussion)

"The Dignity of Queer Shame" by Margaret Morrison 


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