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We are a collective of queer humans in the Bay Area. We create spaces to challenge and excite, centering critical engagement with culture and a political conception of hedonism. 

  • The need for positive and explicit conceptions of value, pleasure, beauty, relationality, discourse, and creativity is basic and vital. To illuminate a queer-utopian future we must first establish borders with the present world, but it is simply not enough to say “no” to hegemonic forms of culture. 

  • We must cultivate group norms and hold each other accountable to the group’s well-being. Ecological principle are apt for thinking about community. Community care is the strongest form of self care.

  • We reject outrage and sensitivity as divisive and uninspiring forms of social control. 

  • We resist the monetization of queer culture. Queer identity is not purchasable. 

  • We embrace an egalitarian approach to relationships and connection. Romantic love is not fundamentally more valuable than other forms of relating, and the couple is not the basic unit of a community. 

  • Hedonism must be open to everyone. We must center the equality of access to life's pleasures in how our communities are organized.

  • Our bodies and stories are sites of critique and disruption. We believe in creating opportunities to experiment with queer sex, vulnerability, modes of living, and intimacies as a route to critical thinking about existing social structures.

  • The molding of character and behavioral engineering is needed for each of us to manifest in the world in which we want to create. This requires personal work, change, and forgiveness.

Queertopia does not exist to make surviving in the present reality easier or more palatable. Queertopia is not self care - it is community and cultural revolution. Participation in queer-utopian actions is not a way to gain resilience and therefore, inertia. It is not a quiet life of interpersonal relationality or an expansion of default ways of being in the world..

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